20+ Years Leading Global Marketing and Communications in the Middle East, Europe, and USA.

We have the knowledge and skills to grow your business across borders. We are multicultural and multilingual by nature. Our team enabled various organizations and brands' global growth and new market development. We are experts in the unique culture of the Middle East region. Also, we have led various global and multicultural campaigns in Europe and Asia in diversified sectors that include information technology, retail, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, B2B professional services and non-profit. 


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    Achieving Zollect Pre-Launch Target Leads Through SEM

    A comprehensive SEM keywords research and campaign design. Landing pages optimization and CX mapping.

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    Advancing Citizen Engagement through ITWORX Citizen1st

    A tailored Performance Management System for governments in the Arabian Gulf region.

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    All American Media Streaming Portal before the YouTube Era

    A media streaming portal with interactive channels, videos upload and backend.

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    Award-Winning Interactive Map of the Red Sea

    A Flash-based interactive map of the Egyptian Red Sea area with layers of attractions and dive sites.

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    B2B Digital Marketing Strategy for a US Financial Services Company, Benay

    Qualified leads

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    CEO Personal Branding, Email and LinkedIn Marketing

    B2B LinkedIn and email marketing campaign targeting $5-10 companies' CEOs

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    Enabling the Industrial Sector in Egypt to Go Green

    Marketing strategy, branding and digital presence for a sustainable energy financing facility.

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    Fast-Growing Pharmacy Chain Fixes Brand and Goes Digital

    Full-Service branding and digital strategy development for El-Kattan Pharmacies.

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    Improved Diners Experience and Growth via Revitalized Brands

    A comprehensive branding project for a food and beverages company that owns multiple restaurants chains.

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    WeAreHere Arab Women Role in Peace-making is Now Known

    A regional campaign to raise awareness about women's political participation in countries undergoing armed conflicts in the Arab region.