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UNIDO Selects Inbwnd to Develop Sri Lanka's Ceylon Cinnamon Global Marketing Plan

I am extremely excited and humbled that the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) selected Inbwnd to develop a global strategic marketing plan for Sri Lanka's Ceylon Cinnamon.

Inbwnd will work with Sri Lanka’s Ceylon Cinnamon Geographic Indication Association (CCGIA), Sri Lanka’s Export Development Board (EDB), Department of Export Agriculture, the Spice Council, and the Spices & Allied Products Producers and Traders Association, and UNIDO.

UNIDO selected Inbwnd Marketing LLC (Inbwnd) to develop this marketing taking into consideration CCGIA’s goals, maximizes the impact of marketing spending, maintain consistency, and guide to all product promo tion activities. The CCGIA realized the importance of implementing a sound strategic marketing plan for Ceylon Cinnamon. The goal is to build the foundation for a proper brand positioning, target global markets, media channels and strategies to promote Ceylon Cinnamon to the the European Union (EU) and global markets. The government of Sri Lanka aims to preserve and develop the national heritage of producing high-quality cinnamon product, the Ceylon Cinnamon. As a globally-competitive product, risks of counterfeiting products and international competition makes it critical to strengthen Ceylon Cinnamon’s position as an internationally-recognized authentic product and promote its exports.

We expect to complete the project within six months. The plan will shed light on the international marketing activities that will take place in the next three-five years to promote Ceylon Cinnamon in target international markets and build its brand.

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