We prioritize facts and figures. We utilize digital marketing big data, artificial intelligence, market trends and analytics to provide sound digital strategies and optimize marketing ROI.

Digital Marketing Strategy for IT Companies

Developing a digital marketing plan for software companies requires a strategic and holistic approach. Digital marketing services work best when integrated to maximize reach and sustain customer engagement. Our digital marketing strategy for software companies include:

  • Stakeholders consultation, management interviews and digital marketing strategy audit

  • Internal consensus building, marketing processes mapping and strategy adoption management

  • Digital marketing strategy plan development

  • Digital product ideas generation and innovation management

  • Global digital marketing teams building, recruitment and development

Marketing Analytics and Research Services

Successful software products and apps start by understanding target segments. Our team possesses doctoral-level research skills that sets it apart from other SaaS analytics companies. Our research and customer analytics services include:

  • Digital user behavior research, eye tracking and click testing

  • Audience journey mapping, CX improvement

  • International and cross-cultural research for software companies

  • Internet marketing analytics, customer analytics

  • Customer surveys, interviews, focus groups design and data analysis

  • Market trends, competitive analysis and benchmark digital solutions

  • Marketing data visualization and reporting

Web and Mobile App Design

We provide conversion-centric web and mobile app design services that get results. We identify user profiles and scenarios and develop a unique mobile and website look and fee. Our web and mobile app design services include:

  • User flow map, software product usability, UX mapping and wireframes

  • Responsive web and mobile app design for B2B, easy-to-manage CMS

  • UX localization and country-specific web and mobile sites design

  • Mobile and website maintenance and support services